The Fisheries and Maritime Museum/Seawater Aquarium in Esbjerg

Located just north of the port of Esbjerg with a perfect view via the Grådyb estuary to the North Sea, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum offers its visitors a fan of exiting insights to Man and Sea, which is the overall theme of the museum.

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The Fisheries and Maritime Museum is a national theme museum covering coastal culture and Man’s exploitation of the sea as well as marine biology and marine mammals. In addition, the museum is the regional theme museum for the cultural and natural history of the Wadden Sea, and for shipping history along the west coast of Jutland. Based on thoruogh research the museum presents some 14.000 square meters of exhibitions distributed between seawater aquariums, a sealarium with living seals, mink enclosure, open-air displays with operational history worksshops, permanent displays about fishing, shipping and offshore oil and gas activities as well as a fan of temporary exhibitions. In short, a visit worth while for the whole family.

 Opening hours:
 02/01 – 30/06: 10-17
 01/07 – 31/08: 10-18
 01/09 – 30/12: 10-17
 Closed: 24-25/12 & 31/12-01/01
 Feeding of the seals: every day at 11.00 & 14.30
 Facilities for disabled persons
 The Fisheries and Maritime Museum/Seawater Aquarium
 Tarphagevej 2
 6710 Esbjerg
 Tel.: +45 76 12 20 00
 Fax.: +45 76 12 20 10