The Parallel Worlds of the Seafarer: Ashore, Afloat and Abroard

Papers fromThe 9th North Sea History Conference – Richard Gorski and Britta Söderqvist
Per Hallén Majorna – A Seafaring Society: Seasonal Economy and its Impact on Life  13
Dag Hundstad Maritime Monocultures: Outport Communities in the South of Norway  29
Lars Amenda A Parallel World Within? Chinese Seafarers in European Shipping and in European Ports 1880-1950  49
Richard Gorski Protecting British Seafarers on the Continent: The Export of Attitudes, Ideals and Systems in the late Nineteenth Century  71
 Elisabeth Solvang Koren Between Responsibility and Temptation: Norwegian Seamen and Welfare Ashore 1918-1939  97
 Sjaak Van Der Velden A Unique Branch of the Working Class? Dutch Seamen 1900-1940 119
 Hanna Hagmark-Cooper Maritime Parenthood – Raising a Family in a Seafaring Home 141
 Fabienne Knudsen North Sea Filipinos and White Chinese: The Construction of Ethnic and Cultural Identities Offshore 161
 Jo Stanley Queered Seafarers in Heterotopic Spaces 179
 Marten Boon, Hein A. M.
Kleman, Ben Wubs
Outport and Hinterland Rotterdam Business and Ruhr Industry 201
Victoria Culkin Certification in the British Merchant Service 1840-1906: Origins, Development and Impact 208
 Alexander Tassis Micro-historical Aspects of European Expansion: A Travel Journal by J. W. Heydt, 1744 214