Maritime People – The 9th North Sea History Conference

Jeoen ter Brugge, Arthur Credland and Harald Hamre
 David J Starkey The British Seafaring Workforce: Size and Occupational Composition 1707-1828  8
 Harald Hamre Recruiting and Organising Maritime Labour in the Stavanger fleet during late Nineteenth Century  26
 René Taudal Poulsen Shifts in the maritime Labour Market: Drivers of Demand for, and Supply of, Seafarers ca. 1965-2008  36
 Alston Kennerley Commercial Enterprese, Charity, the State & Organised Labour in a Changing World: Shore Services for Merchant Seafarers Since the 1870s – a British Case Study  50
 Kristin Øye Gjerde Working conditions and safety for Norwegian Sea divers 1965-1990  71
 Helge Ryggvik Diving and Safety Systems on the Norwegian Continental Shelf  82
 Remmelt Daadler The call of the sea: Artists on the shores of the Dutch North Sea coast, 1600-1900  96
 Timo Heimerdinger Fantastic Sailors. Imaginations of Seamen in German Popular Culture  108
 Michael -W. Serruys The Belgians: a bi-maritime people. Belgian maritime indentity and its representation in everyday life  117
 Søren Byskov Who are maritime people today? A Danish Case of Social Change   140
 Michaela Barnard A “Culture of Independence”: The Case of Hull´s Maritime Industries, c. 1870-1918  150
 Wouter Heijveld Change of technology: Has ship´s navigator disappeared?  162
 John Barzman Are today´s dockers fra away from the sea? Examples from the French Channel and North Sea between 1900 and today  176
 Susan Capes Health and Safety in the British Deep-Sea Trawl Fisheries during the 19th and 20th Centuries 186
 Craig Lambert Taking the war to Scotland and France: the supply and transportation of English armies by sea, 1320-1360  189
 Melanie Leonhard The development of the entreprises of Rickmer Clasen Rickmers 1834-1918. A business history in the Context of a Economic history discussion  196
 Melanie Manthe Social Insurance among German Seamen (1854-1928)  199
 Frits Loomeijer Maritime people, “the Wrap Up” of the 9th North Sea History Conference  202