Bridging Troubled Waters, Conflict and Co-operation in the North Sea Region since 1550,

Bridging Troubled Waters, Conflict and Co-operation in the North Sea Region since 1550,
Starkey, David J. & Hahn-Pedersen, Morten
Esbjerg 2005
Patrick Villiers Privateering and North Sea Conflict, c.1500-1715 11
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John C. Appleby Wars of Plunder and Wars of Profit: English Privateering during the late Sixteenth and early Seventeenth Centuries 59
Lex Heerma van Voss When was the North Sea? 83
Jan Oberg Strange Sailors: Maritime Culture in Nineteenth-Century Bremen 113
John K. Walton Fishing Communities and Redevelopment: The Case of Whitby, 1930-1970 135
Silvia Marzagalli Life Around the North Sea: A Comment 165
David M. Williams Advances in Safety at Sea in the Nineteenth Century: The British Experience and Influence 177
Christian Borde The French State and Safety at Sea: Co-operation and Conventions, 1839-1914 199
Ingo Heidbrink Historic Ship Safety 221
David Hilling The Changing Spatial Dimension in Port Relations 229
Morten Hahn-Pedersen and Søren Byskov A Diversity of Infrastructure: The Development of the Port of
Esbjerg, 1868-2000
Sarah Palmer Extending the North Sea: A Comment 281
Bo Poulsen On the Impact of Environmental Disasters: The Limfjord Herring Fishery before and after the Storm of 1825 287
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