The North Sea. Twelve Essays on Social History of Maritime Labour

Fischer Lewis R., Hamre Harald, Holm Poul, Bruijn Jaap R.
Stavanger – 1992
van Royen Poul C. Recruitment Patterns of the Dutch Merchant Marine in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries 13
Rodger Nicholas A. M. Shipboard Life in the Georgian Navy, 1750-1800, The Decline of the Old Order 29
Williams David M. The Quality, Skill and Supply of Maritime Labour: Causes of Concern in Britain, 1850-1914 41
Fischer Lewis R. Around the Rim: Seamen’s Wages in North Sea Ports, 1863-1900 59
Kennerley Alston British Seamen’s Missions in the Nineteenth Century 79
Pfister-Langanay Christian Gravelines and the Transformation of its Maritime Life, 1825-1855 99
Berggreen Brit Dealing with Anomalies? Approaching Maritime Women 111
Coull James Seasonal Fisheries Migration: The Case of the Migration from Scotland to the East Anglian Autumn Herring Fishery 127
Joensen Jóan Pauli Maritime Communities in the Faroes in the Age of the Hand-Line Smack 149
Vestergaard Torben Migration and the Occupational Identity of Danish Fishermen: An Anthropological Perspective 161
van der Veen Independent Willy-Nilly: Fisherwomen on the Dutch North Sea Coast, 1890-1940 181
Holm Poul The Modernisation of Fishing: The Scandinavian and the British Model 197