North Sea Lights

Edited by Morten Hahn-Pedersen.north
103 p. ill. ISBN 87-90982-12-6. DKK 148,00

For centuries ships sailed mainly during daylight hours where the sailors were able to follow the coastline, find landmarks and watch out for dangerous reefs and sandbanks along the coast. It was only when crossing open
seas that seamen dared to sail in darkness. As international shipping increased still more ships had to sail end
even approach harbours through the night. This created a need for lights along the coast and the harbours so
that the ships could navigate in a safe manner at night time. This book tells the story of North Sea Lights in
the eight countries surrounding our common sea.

The book may be regarded as a catalogue for the exhibition entitled North Sea Lights which will be travelling the eight North Sea countries in the
years 2003 to 2006, but given the form of a book this pictorial narrative will hopefully last longer than the exhibition.