Northernseas Network

The Northern Seas Maritime Museum network.

The NSMM is a network deriving from the Association of North Sea Cities.

The aim of the Association is to foster cultural and scientific exchanges across the North Sea and the NSMM establishes the model for the networks that will form the base for future growth of the Association.

The objectives of NSMM network are: to promote the cooperation between maritime museums and other institutions or individuals doing academic research, by organizing conferences, exhibitions, publications, research and exchanging information and staff et cetera. The main event of the NSMM is the Northern Seas History Conference where academics from all over the world meet to discuss issues of the Northern Seas.

The Northern Seas History Conference is held every three years and the conference proceedings are published shortly after. The next North Sea History Conference will be held in Antwerp in 2017. We are currently inviting researchers to submit a paper for this conference. Click on the following link for more information: call for papers Call-for-Papers-XIIth-NSHC-2017-MAS.pdf

The NSMM consists at the moment of eleven maritime museums around the North Sea and is managed by a Board consisting of one representative from each participating museum. The Board meets at least once a year. Day to day business is run by the NSMM Secretariat which is located at Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

On this homepage you can read more about the history of NSMM, members of the network and upcoming events within the NSMM network.